Cat Cafe

If you are mentally exhausted, why don’t you get to the Cat Cafe? There are a lot of cats who sooth our souls and let us forget about anything bad in life. In Japan, Cat Boom was suddenly arrived around 2010 because of the appearance of “Tama-ekicho”. “Ekicho” means a station manager and “Tama” indicates […]

Drama characters

Gossip Girl Gossip Girl is a drama about privileged teens living in the upper east side of Manhattan, New York. Gossip Girl is an anonymous blogger, who reveals all kinds of secrets, and everyone relies on this website for the latest scoops of their scandalous lives. My favorite character in this series is Blair Waldorf. […]

Tips to use a sauna

Have you ever taken a sauna? Sauna is one of the steam baths, that originated in Finland. Taking a few minutes of hot air bathing at about 80 to 100 degrees can provide various health benefits such as relieving fatigue and stress, and promoting blood circulation. A typical sauna has tiered benches, with the higher […]

Hot Spring (温泉)

When you are physically or mentally exhausted, how do you heal yourself? Today, I would like to tell you my favorite way to treat myself. It is Hot Spring!!!! In this blog, I’m going to introduce the definition of hot springs and some popular and unique ones in Japan. Also, I would like to share […]

Black Music

Rock, R&B, and hip-hop are the most commonly listened to genres of music today. All of them have African-American roots. In the 17th century, plantations were thriving in the Americas, and many workers were needed to produce tobacco, cotton, coffee, and sugar cane. Slaves, or African-American ancestors, who were forced to migrate from the African […]

Social Media Addiction

1. Introduction How many hours do you spend checking social media in a day? It has recently become a hot topic that Facebook hid the results of the internal investigation that revealed the negative effects social media has on users. As Instagram and other social media service have become a strong part of our lives, […]


  Hey I’m RIO. I am going to write about what I’m really into recently, which is perfume. I’m so fascinated by it. I think most people use only 1 fragrance or maybe don’t use it at all. But I own more than 10 perfumes so that I could use it depending on my feelings […]